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Delicious late summer fruit ice-cream

Soft-fruit ice cream recipe


approx. 200g soft fruit (we used wild strawberries)

150g caster sugar

700ml full fat milk

300ml double cream


Cook the fragoline (or soft fruit of your choice) with the caster sugar in a saucepan to make a fruity compote.

Remove from the hob and blend to a smooth coulis.

Allow to cool and then whisk together with the full fat milk and double cream.

Pop the mixture in the ice-cream maker or churn by hand to avoid ice-crystals.

As simple as that!


Normally, Giuseppe would make ice-cream the traditional way, with an egg custard. But the children wanted an egg-free ice-cream (our lovely free range chickens lay gorgeous eggs, but they are full of flavour and can overpower a delicate ice-cream), hence this simple recipe.