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Wild Garlic season

The woods are bursting with wild garlic right now, you can just smell it in the air! Here's how to blend your very own wild garlic butter......

1 bunch of wild garlic roughly chopped                  

salt & pepper                     

250g unsalted butter

2 tbsp wild garlic flowers        

juice of half a lemon


Cut the butter into small pieces and melt slightly in a pan on a low heat. Add the leaves and blend together until smooth, then add everything and stir with a spoon. Keep refrigerated or freeze.

Giuseppe adds the butter to grilled fish, lobster, meat, hot new potatoes, roasted vegetables, freshly baked bread, etc. We find it's best to freeze it, then just to slice a slab as and when we need it.

The flowers are delicious fresh, scattered in a salad or over a simple pasta dish. Here is an image of the wild garlic in situ, just so that you know what to look for. As with all foraged food, unless you are 100 per cent confident with what you are harvesting then don't risk it! And if in doubt, you can always pick up one of Giuseppe's ready made logs of butter at The Salt Pig in Wareham, Deli on the Quay in Poole or Wareham Home Producers market on a Thursday morning.