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Another Sicilian Adventure... Olive Harvest 2011

We've recently returned from our wonderful annual family visit to southwestern Sicily - where we've been hand picking the olives grown on Giuseppe's family's estate in Siculiana and delighting in the fruits of this amazing island. We've had another great harvest this year, despite the absence of rain since March - of course it did rain whilst we were harvesting! But there is nothing that gives me more satisfaction than seeing the grassy green liquid pour from the press, or the first taste of the new season's oil as it runs over the back of your throat with that familiar burn. Produced exclusively using the biancolilla olive, our oil is on it's way back to the cookery school now and will be here in time for Christmas. 

The cookery school will be open for those extra special gifts - Veru Truly Sicilian hampers, panettone & pandoro from Vicenza and of course the beautifully boxed extra virgin olive oil - on the 17th and 23rd December from 10am-3pm.